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Rotary "Mad" Money

Are we crazy or what?!!  Three chances to win: 1st place, $500; 2nd place, $300; and 3rd place, $200, as well as a special one time only 4th place, a $150 gift card to a wonderful restaurant in Jim Thorpeg, Moya. all for only $20.  Yeah, we know, $20 is a chunk to come up with but there will only be a max of 200 tickets in the hat when we pull the winners, so the odds of winning are astronomical (well, at least better than most any other raffle).  


So, let's assume we sell all our tickets and pay the winners $1000.  What do we do with the remaining $3000?  It will go right back into the community, mostly to children, mostly in the form of dictionaries for all third graders in the school district, college scholarships for four deserving graduates from three high schools, as well as scholarships for three rising juniors to attend a four-day summer leadership seminar, just to name a few.  All our funded projects are detailed at the "Five Avenues of Service" found at the left-hand column. While it won't fully replace the profits from the GhostWalks, the Bed and Breakfast Raffle, and the Enchanted Evenings fund raisers squashed by the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, it will go a long way to help. 


And you can help too:  by purchasing your Rotary "Mad" Money tickets from one of our members, or directly from the source, either by clicking on the "Contact Us" buttom on the left or by calling 570 325-4950.  And, even if you don't win, your $20 will still help others to be winners.  Hurry, the drawing is set for September 289.